What do you get with MyBetterBooks?

A Professional Bookkeeper

An experienced and knowledgeable bookkeeper, dedicated to your account, matched by industry and experience. Great people make great businesses. You can stop worrying about hiring headaches. We will focus on keeping you on track.

A Tailored Solution

Our experts analyze and review your business practices and apply the results to specific industry knowledge so that we can develop a customized solution that is the perfect fit for your business. We focus on efficiency and accuracy in your accounting and do not waste time on services and features that you do not need. Your business, its processes, and your industry deserve a tailored solution.

More Control

All the control with none of the worry. You’ll retain access to everything you send to us. And, even more importantly, your data is organized and ready when you need to refer back to it. You control the check book and we stay as involved or removed from critical processes as you want us to be.

On Call Expertise & Analysis

Your dedicated bookkeeper will keep your transactions recorded and your accounting under control. And, you will receive an awesome report package every period with Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, and easy to read charts and graphs. But, when you need expert answers on complicated issues such as tax, estate and trust, or real estate transactions you need to turn to an experienced CPA. My Better Books has you covered with experts available to you at every level when you need them.

Tax-Ready Reports

Taxes don’t have to be stressful. With MyBetterBooks you will receive tax-ready reports to help you prepare your income tax returns. We will even work directly with your tax preparer to ensure they have the information they need. We’re here to help make taxes a breeze. And, if you don’t have a tax preparer, not a problem. We can match you to a fantastic CPA to get that job done too.

A Partner for the Future

Being in business for yourself is scary. But it can be a lot less worrisome when you know that you have the right team behind you. MyBetterBooks believes our clients are more than customers. They are our partners. Your success is tied to our success and we make it our mission to do whatever we can to get you to that next level. We can’t wait to grow with you. Give us a call today!

My Better Books is a full-service bookkeeping solution designed for the busy business owner.

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Our Clients Love Us

My previous accountant was not very responsive to my needs. It seems that everything got done at the very last minute, even with extensions. I am now getting p+l statements on a very timely basis. They are questioning thy way I do things to make sure I operate more profitably. Go with MyBetterBooks. You will wonder why you didn’t change over sooner.

Lou F.; Cerritos, CA

Owner, A'Roma Ristorante

The team at MyBetterBooks has made our bookkeeping and accounts receivable easy! In the past our accounting tasks were not only time consuming, but also a distraction from focusing on our core business. Since we have made the switch to MyBetterBooks the accounting takes very little time. We are very pleased with their attention to detail and responsiveness. Our accounts receivable is under control and we are able to quickly review the books every month. I highly recommend speaking with them to see how they can help your business.

Matthew D.; Volo, IL

President, 3DPlans.com

We are a small business with limited resources that needed accounting and financial support. MyBetterBooks’ expertise in accounting and bookkeeping assures flawless record keeping so that we can concentrate on other aspects of growing our business. Also, their payroll services take the burden off of us to process payroll in house and try to keep up with the ever changing rules and laws.

The team at MyBetterBooks have been an invaluable resource for our company since we engaged their services in 1985. We are a small company with limited resources and to be able to leverage the expertise that MyBetterBooks provides has lifted a large burden from our shoulders. It has truly been a pleasure to do business with a great organization totally committed to a great client experience.

Don M.; Irvine, CA

President, HydroCal, Inc.

I was very unhappy with the bookkeeping services I was receiving from another company. I did not receive reports in a timely manner and was not given any guidance on how to improve my “numbers.”

Now, reports are sent to me within 2 weeks of my delivering the backup materials to my account representative and my accounting information is easy to read and understand.

By all means, engage MyBetterBooks. Their service is outstanding and the cost of the services are very affordable and well worth the expenditure.

Margaret J.; Mesa, AZ

President/Owner, MJ Management Solutions

My two past accountants were making several errors. I spent too much time checking every little thing they did because I didn’t trust them to complete things accurately. They made errors on our income and payroll taxes which caused me great headaches.

MyBetterBooks is much more accurate and reliable. They really seem to care about our company and want things to go smoothly for us.

It has been a pleasure working with them, I always feel like I can call or email with questions, even dumb ones, and they never make me feel dumb for asking. They are friendly, professional and efficient. I went through two CPA’s before I found them, and I have been so happy I found them! Third time was the charm.

Lisa O.; Long Beach, CA

CFO, Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc.

We were earning too much revenue to continue as sole proprietors, and our attorney at the time recommended MyBetterBooks. Our tax filings are completed promptly and accurately; we have financial statements when we need them. Try them out. They really do care about their clients.

MyBetterBooks have been our partners in business in good times and bad, through cash flow floods and droughts. They have never wavered. We could not do business without them.

Robert S.; Long Beach, CA

Partner, Schilling & Maure, Inc.

Are you a business owner?

Your business finances are one of the most important aspects of your operations. Whether it’s managing your daily books or figuring out a better tax strategy, you need the help of a professional. My Better Books offers traditional accounting services, including business taxes, consulting, and more, but we also offer you something else: control.


Of small-businesses say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business.


Of small-businesses say they pay too much in taxes or are unsure of the amount they pay.


Of small-businesses say they wish they had spent more time and energy on mastering financial management when starting out their business.

A Total Bookkeeping Solution For Your Business

Every business needs an accounting system, but there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all accounting solution. You deserve something as unique as your business and at MyBetterBooks, we provide you with just that. Our solutions are customized and more importantly, help you operate more efficiently.

The Average Accountant Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Business taxes and finances are becoming more complex. With new rules surrounding Internet payments and how businesses operate around the country, you need an accounting firm that understands complex financial matters. Part-time accountants including the family financial “expert” or having your spouse do the work is putting your business at risk. Using your own staff to handle your company finances could result in serious financial disaster and lots of additional year-end costs fixing their mistakes.

When you work with MyBetterBooks, you get a financial plan and accounting system designed specifically for your business and the unique financial situation it’s in. After all, the same accounting procedure for an online retail business does not work for an attorney’s office.

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